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So my viewpoint would be that these problems are just way even more complicated than you actually hear, he states. however, you develop men and women who do not actually understand how the laws work attempting to make legislation, and then you’ve a public policy crisis. House committee vice chair is Rep. He is vice chair of The Workforce, Education, Armed Services, and Agriculture, Education, Health, Foreign Affairs, and Infrastructure and Transportation.

He is also the ranking member of 2 extra committees: Transportation and Science, and Infrastructure. In the Senate, each Representative could possibly be selected as Ranking Person in a standing committee and it is also designated Ranking Member on any sub committee to that the chair of that committee assigns. Designating Ranking Member of the Committee on Appropriations, which handles financial matters in many committees. The Chair of the Committee on Commerce, Transportation and Science designates Ranking Member of the Committee on Governmental Affairs and homeland Security.

On the matter of voting rights, Helmer is pushing to develop early voting and also online voting as ways making it easier to vote. The issue is that you can’t get the people most concerned about it to agree on whether they desire the most progressive agenda they can attain, or they want to win in 2024 with a president that won’t really fight for what exactly they need to secure their lives, he states. That’s the real concern, exactly how do we find consensus among Democrats on our shared values and also circumstances that matter?

One other notion that is attractive to him is the national popular vote system (the so called interstate compact for presidential elections), which he states could help replenish legitimacy to American democracy, but it is an issue with lots of moving parts. I don’t think that’s usually the best effect, though it’s something in the toolbox of financial leverage that not one person in this land discusses or perhaps considers engaging in, Helmer says.

The truth is that in case we did, then each and every corporation that had been running in the United States would quickly be forced to take into account where their personnel are coming from, the way they are compensating them, as well as what the standard of living is like for the entirety of their operation. If elected, he will add new types of sanctions on other countries, and even tariffs on our own businesses in order to protect the domestic labor market and encourage unionization and the formation of co-operatives.

Helmer believes the US requires the latest foreign policy.


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